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What our parents and students are saying

Ohio Music Pro is an amazing group of instructors that help all ages learn any instrument. Great communication! Highly recommended!!!
-Melissa Miller

For the past 27 months, I have taken lessons for Ohio Music Pro.  I am 50 years old and learning how to play the guitar and perform with a band was a bucket list item.  I tried lessons with several guitar instructors over the years, but didn’t feel like I was making progress. Therefore, I didn’t stick with the lessons and practicing.

It has been a total different experience with Ohio Music Pro.  My teacher teaches you how to play guitar along with learning songs.  He keeps the lessons fun and informative.  I practice very day now and have improved a great deal while working with him.  His knowledge of the guitar is amazing.  He can transcribe any song immediately by ear.  Other instructors pull songs off of guitar tab websites that are often incorrect.

My teacher, Justin, is a professional musician who can teach aspiring guitarists of all ages.  I have seen guitarists from grade school to senior citizens making great strides with him.  They walk out of their lessons with smiles on their faces.  He teaches guitar and music theory in a way that is easy to understand.  He even offers special classes to learn more about music theory and how it applies to guitar playing.  He provides small pointers too that make playing so much easier.  I look forward to my lesson every week.  It is one of the joys of my life now, playing along to songs and with other musicians.

Ohio Music Pro also runs separate band classes for youth and adults.  You get to play with a drummer and bass player in a band setting.  This experience is a blast.  We rehearse songs and will get a chance to perform live.
- Jim Nolan

​I took guitar lessons at Ohio Music Pro for seven years.  It was – and has been since the first lesson – a pivotal part of my improvement as a player.  They know guitars.  It’s just as simple as that.  Not only do they know the ins, outs, ups and downs of the instrument, they know how to teach it.  And do it effectively.  I would not be half the player I am today with them!  Recently I auditioned for Ball State University’s Music College.  The only guitar style they would accept as an audition was classical guitar.  I had little to no prior knowledge of that particular style and I only had a free months to prepare. So I called the school.  They worked with me once a week for those few months.  On the day of my audition, I was beyond nervous.  I got into the room, played, and the instructor looked impressed.  When I told him I’d only been playing the style for a few months, he smiled.  I am currently enrolled there.  I could not have done without Ohio Music Pro.
- Allison Swingley

I have been taking piano lessons here for about a year and I have learned so much! Justin (owner) is really nice and always replies to emails in a speedy fashion. Scott is my piano instructor and he is the best piano teacher I have ever had. He, not only teaches important theory and instructional aspects of music, but also wants to help you learn that song you have been dying to play. Definitely recommend!
-K G

Before Ohio Music Pro, I was just another punk cranking out tunes hitting only half the notes of the song, and thinking I was Stevie Ray Vaughn.  Wow did that change after I took my first lesson at Ohio Music Pro.  Within the first month that I took lessons from him, I had already learned more than I would have in a lifetime of teaching myself.  Not only did he teach me the fundamentals of guitar playing and technique, he taught me how to become an all-around smart guitar player.  He taught me how to adapt as a player and be able to play all styles, tempos and keys on the go.  He was teaching me how to become the Swiss Army knife of guitar players.
- Drew Scanlan

Starting guitar lessons with Ohio Music Pro was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  For the first few months that I had my guitar, I couldn’t play anything on it.  I’d just admire the instrument from afar – then I started lessons.  It wasn’t long before I could play through several songs with straightforward chords.  The simple songs eventually led to playing lead guitar and complex chord shapes.  Now when I pick up my guitar, I’ll often play for hours, completely unaware of time.  My teacher was an important factor in the memorization of scales and my overall improvement as a guitarist.  If you don’t understand something one way, he’ll explain it another and another until you get it.  He not only helped me learn how to play guitar, but he helped me become a better song writer by teaching me techniques to hold the listener’s attention.  He also taught me techniques to hold the listener’s attention.  He also taught me several different styles of music, making me a well-rounded musician.  I’m beyond satisfied with the teaching and looking forward to studying music at Ohio Music Pro for years to come.
- Jade

​The two drum instructors, Ms. Janet and Mr. Spencer, have deepened Jersey's love and enthusiasm for playing. The cost of lessons is very reasonable when compared to others. " Thanks Ohio Music Pro!!!!!
-JJ Jenkins

I have been playing guitar for over 40 years, but only as a hobby and with no formal training on the “right way” to play.  No matter how well I played a hundred songs, I never understood the mechanics of music.  I had reached a plateau years ago and just accepted that was as far as I could go; basically giving up on ever really understanding music and why certain things sounded right together and others were awful.  When I met with Justin at Ohio Music Pro on the first session, he immediately asked what were my goals and why did I need lessons?  I explained my situation and within 5 minutes he had taught me what to do!  I was shocked and ecstatic instantly.  As we continued on in lessons, he built on that first lesson, adding but never overloading what I needed as a musician to grow.  Most of all, his patience and clam approach to instruction has always made me feel at ease and comfortable, especially when I am making mistakes and getting myself frustrated, he provides that voice of confidence and hope.  Unlike so many instructors, though, Justin can demonstrate exactly what he is teaching a much, much more!
- Jim Gravely

Justin at Ohio Music Pro is simply an amazing instructor.  The depth and breadth of his knowledge are unbelievable.  In addition, the patience level this guy maintains is incredible.  AS one of his older students, I have wanted to learn to play the guitar for a number of years.  About 18 months ago, after retiring from my professional career, I decided the time had come.  Being an older student, I was somewhat intimidated to begin the pursuit of this life goal.  Justin’s easy-going attitude and the excellent rapport he builds with his students immediately made me feel comfortable.  He makes even the most daunting new challenge understandable.  He will show me something as many times a s I need, and he works to build my confidence each and every week.  IN less than a year of beginning lessons, I was able to perform publicly!  I will continue lessons with Justin for as long as he is teaching and for as long as I am able to because quite simply…HE IS THE BEST!
- Deb Dodson

​I have been playing guitar for over 20 years.  I’ve taken lessons on and off and was frustrated.  Though I recorded and performed, I felt stunted.  Self-teaching was tedious and going nowhere.  After a few lessons, I was understanding my guitar in a whole new light.  Lessons with Justin at Ohio Music Pro have changed everything about me as a musician.
- Tyler H.
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