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Music lessons for popular instruments

We teach Guitar, Piano, Singing, Voice, Drums, Bass, & Rock Band Lessons
Guitar Lessons

Our guitar instructors teach rock, blues, metal, country and classical styles on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Piano Lessons

Whether you aspire to play Bach or Alicia Keys, our dedicated piano instructors will help you become the pianist you want to be.

Voice & Singing Lessons

If you've always wanted to hone your skills as a rock, pop, country, jazz, gospel or R&B singer, we have the voice teacher for you.

Drum Lessons

Every state-of-the-art drum lesson room is equipped with Roland drum kits for our students.

Bass Lessons

Our bass instructors can teach a wide variety of genres

Rock Band

Our method combines our performance-based music education with a unique curriculum designed for students to excel when placed in a group learning environment, with their peers.

Ohio Music Pro also runs separate band classes for youth and adults.  You get to play with a drummer and bass player in a band setting.  This experience is a blast.  We rehearse songs and will get a chance to perform live.

-Jim Nolan

After a few lessons, I was understanding my guitar in a whole new light.  Lessons with Justin at Ohio Music Pro have changed everything about me as a musician.

-Tyler H.

Ohio Music Pro is an amazing group of instructors that help all ages learn any instrument. Great communication! Highly recommended!!!

-Melissa Miller
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