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Hello, and welcome to the newly renamed Ohio Music Pro. Formerly known as Ohio Guitar Pro, Ohio Music Pro strives to teach its students the joys of playing music. We currently offer music lessons for: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin, Dobro and Voice and have various trained instructors. Through our unique “Connect the Dots” method, students will learn music theory, how to transpose keys, improvisational techniques, and many other lessons that will lead to a more rewarding musical experience, as well as a better mastery of their instrument.

Never Settle for Mediocrity!

Don’t waste time and money going through the motions. Get a solid musical foundation while learning how to ROCK! At Ohio Music Pro, we offer a variety of learning opportunities. In addition to Individual Lessons, we also offer Group Lessons, Music Theory Classes, and even a Rock Band class for our advanced students that have taken part in Individual Lessons. Learn to play the: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin or Dobro like a pro!

Our Teaching Philosophy

At Ohio Music Pro, we believe that each student can learn all the tools needed to achieve their personal musical goals. Playing a musical instrument should be fun for everyone! Our unique “Connect the Dots” method achieves something extraordinary! Our students learn to understand their instruments completely, as if it were an extension of themselves! Simple, Extraordinary! Once this level of understanding is achieved, then technique and theory make perfect sense for the first time in many players’ lives. No more Frustration. . . learning new things becomes like going to the App Store, you just download . . .  then practice. We believe that Complete Instrument Mastery is a choice, not a gift.

A Special Note to Parents and Beginning Players

I understand that beginning players have a hard time staying interested because they don’t know where to start and are easily frustrated. Too many music teachers make the mistake of trying to teach technique without applying it to real-world playing. Most beginning guitar players are eager to play a song right away, so it’s important when you’re teaching an instrument that you integrate the theory and technique into real-world examples that will engage your students. I promise to engage each student individually, and with an approach that works for them.

Justin Slusher type

Justin Slusher, Owner and Guitar Instructor